Thursday, March 31, 2016

Troubleshoot:Adding superscript button to quick access toolbar Error

Adding superscript button to quick access toolbar

How can we add a superscript and subscript buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar? Why can't we do this in Excel as we used to and as we can still in Word?

Anwsers to the Problem Adding superscript button to quick access toolbar

Download Error Fixer (Free)

Open Excel > Press ‘ALT + F11’ Key from your key board > Click ‘Insert’ > Module > copy and Paste the following in the module window and save it as an ‘Excel Binary Workbook’ format and close it:
Sub Super()
    With Selection.Font
        .Superscript = True
        .Subscript = False
     End With
End Sub
Sub Subscript()
    With Selection.Font
        .Superscript = False
        .Subscript = True
           End With
End Sub
Now, Click ‘Office Button’ > ‘Excel Options’ > Customize > choose ‘Macros’ under ‘Choose commands from’ and add the macros in the list.

Note: It is recommended that you back up your files and folders before attempting this step:

  • Move the mouse cursor over to the upper right side of the screen.
  • A menu will pop up on the left. Click on the "Settings" feature on the menu.
  • On the Settings window, click on the "Change PC settings."
  • Now, left click on the "Update and recovery" feature.
  • For the next step, left click on the "Recovery" feature.
  • There is an option here saying "Refresh your PC without affecting your files." There, left click on the "Get started" button.
  • Now, follow the instructions on the screen to finish the Refresh process.
  • After the Refresh process has finished restart your Windows 8.1 or Windows 8 device.
  • Check again to see if the error Adding superscript button to quick access toolbar has been fixed.

If you do not possess the technical expertise required to accomplish this yourself or do not feel comfortable doing so, download and install a powerful automated tool to get the job done.

Recommended Method to Fix the Problem: Adding superscript button to quick access toolbar:

How to Fix Adding superscript button to quick access toolbar with SmartPCFixer?

1. You can Download Error Fixer here. Install it on your system. When you open SmartPCFixer, it will perform a scan.

2. After the scan is finished, you can see the errors and problems which need to be fixed.

3. When the Fixing part is finished, your computer has been speeded up and the errors have been fixed

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